Ever experience that moment when you realize you’re in an elevator with the agent or editor of your dreams and now is your chance to impress them? We haven’t either, but if that moment comes will you be prepared?

Fyrecon Presents:


Two teams. One winner. Will it be you?

Now is your chance to practice having to pitch in an instant with no prep time. Can you think on your feet? Will you freeze or will you be eaten by the elevator doors? Try out your skills in our low stake game where we give you an idea to present and the agents and editors to present it to. Who will make it to the last round and earn the coveted Killer Elevator prizes?

Have you got what it takes to beat the Killer Elevator? Begin by choosing your team before the chance is gone.

Killer Elevator Registration Will Open Shortly

The Rules:

  • There will be 10 total contestants divided into 2 teams of 5 each.
  • Contestants will be emailed their books to pitch for rounds 1-3. Remember the idea is to sell the agent/editor on your pitch, not the book that’s already succeeded.
    • The book’s real title cannot be included in the pitch, but you must come up with a fake title
    • Character names must be changed
    • Your pitch should not be immediately recognizable as the published work
  • Each team will participate in three rounds with one team member being eliminated each round.
  • In the final showdown the remaining 4 participants from both teams will compete head on.
    • Participants will be given their book assignment for the final round during Killer Elevator
    • 5 minutes will be given to prepare your final pitch.
  • The final winner gets the Killer Elevator prize!
    • Their teammates will also receive a prize each as well, so be sure to help and encourage each other.

The Rounds (in No Team Order)

Round 1
Science Fiction Twisted to Fantasy
Fantasy to Twisted Science Fiction
Round 2
Everything can be YA
Now You’re an Adult
Round 3
Anything can be Science Fiction
Anything can be Fantasy
Round 4
Theme To Be Announced
We’re Not Saying Until It Starts