Here is a Fyrecon exclusive: A chance to get a step further on your journey as a writer.

Kary English
Kary English

Ever wonder how a story passes from the slush pile at the worldwide Writers and Illustrators of the Future Contests (WotF) to the Judges? First Reader and award-winning author Kary English will be doing the ‘Slush Is ALIVE!’ event to show how your past or future contest entries would do on the slush pile reading. See if you can get past the first reader at Writers of the Future. WotF has not done this event outside of Fyrecon.

Want to have your story read?

Don’t worry! Submitting your story for ’Slush is Alive’ DOES NOT break anonymity for submitting to the Contest. Our submission system preserves your anonymity.

This event will be held at: Fyrelite Spring, Saturday, March 23, 2024.
You can submit one 450-word story opening. You must have a Fyrelite Spring 2024 membership to submit.

Notes: You may not submit a story currently under consideration or which will be under consideration by the Writers of the Future story contest at the time of the respective event. You can submit a previous submission where you have received results or a story you plan to submit in the future after the event occurs.

Please note, you must be logged in to access the submission form for the Slush is ALIVE!
Only one (1) submission per account.