Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy tells you what kinds of information we collect from website visitors who register for the conference or other services operated by Fyrecon, any future services, and what we will and will not do with that information.

If you register for the conference or other service, only Fyrecon staff and those who assist us in putting on the events will see any of your information. If you are a parent of a child 13 or under who has registered for a service, you can request us to cancel the registration and delete the child’s information by emailing us at

Fyrecon has visitors under the age of 13, and therefore comes under the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), a US federal law that requires us to provide certain specific information in this Privacy Policy. Fyrecon is pleased to extend the same privacy protections to all of our attendees regardless of age, location, or citizenship (though registrants over the age of 13 who wish to exchange or transfer their membership to another individual must follow the procedure detailed below).

Contact Information

Members of the conference organizing body and the directors and officers of Fyre Ink, Inc. (a non-profit corporation) are the only people that collect or maintain personal information from children or adults through the Fyrecon website and associated services.

The contact information for the Fyrecon organizing body and Fyre Ink, Inc. is:
– OR –
PO Box 1551
Draper, UT 84020

Personal Information Collected

No other organization receives information collected through this website about any person who does not register for the conference. Fyrecon collects the following information from registrations:

• Complete legal name
• Alternate name for promotional materials (optional; typically a pseudonym or a nickname)
• Email Address
• Parent’s or Guardian’s phone number (for emergency contact)
• Grade in school (for those in grades 5 through 12)
• School name (in case of school groups)

Information is collected directly via the voluntary conference registration forms

How Information Is Used

We use each registrant’s name, nickname or pen name, email address, and grade to:
•Fulfill actions requested by the user (normally registration for the conference)
•Enter each registrant into the appropriate classes
•Enable Fyrecon to communicate with the registrant

COPPA – Participating in Activities on our Site

Under COPPA, for each service we provide via this website, we cannot require a young user to give us any more information than the minimum necessary for that service. Fyrecon abides by this policy and extends it to all users regardless of age.

Third Parties

Fyrecon does not share information with anyone not a member of the conference organizing committees or the directors and officers of Fyre Ink, Inc., except when required to by proper legal process (for example, Fyrecon will cooperate with criminal investigations in the United States and at its discretion, may cooperate with foreign criminal investigations). Fyrecon will comply with all local, state, and federal laws.

The Fyrecon website contains links to the website of Sibyl’s Scriptorium. Fyrecon hosts the Sibyl’s Scriptorium awards ceremony and other events during the conference. Fyrecon also publicizes Sibyl’s Scriptorium’s winners and publications. Entry into a Sibyl’s Scriptorium contest is separate from, and not required for, registration for Fyrecon. If you are interested in submitted to a Sibyl’s Scriptorium contest, we recommend you review their website:, including its current privacy policy.

Fyrecon will generally not share information with Sibyl’s Scriptorium, except when a Sibyl’s Scriptorium winner has also registered for Fyrecon. In that case, information may be shared to validate submissions and establish eligibility.