Thank you for taking the time to volunteer for Fyrecon. We are happy to have you.

Fyrecon, a 501c3 Non-Profit, is looking for 10-20 volunteers to help with the the conference.


  • Minimum three (3) consecutive hour shift on your days of availability.
  • A volunteer must be able to keep sound on and give their full attention to the session they are assigned.
  • Available at least two (2) days of the conference, and one of those days needs to be Friday or Saturday.
  • Volunteers must attend a training session prior to the conference starting.
  • Volunteers can attend other general sessions on the day they volunteer. Master events are not included in general sessions.


Staff that helps during Fyrecon with the running of the conference.
Monitor Duties can include:
To help run the session
To keep track of time
To monitor the chat and the session for anything deemed inappropriate and alert the staff of anything inappropriate
MOST IMPORTANT – Give the presenter an amazing experience and help them to shine!
The Flight
This is the organizing staff for Fyrecon.
If you are looking to volunteer with the conference planning, the Flight is the place for you.
Duties can include:
Planning Creative Section and special event for Fyrecon
Advertising street team events (attending events, signings, and launches)
Running social media
Helping organize the conference and other events
Working with guests
Must be at least 18 years old to volunteer.

Please note during the conference, we will not be checking emails and all training sessions will have passed. You must volunteer prior to the conference starting.

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