Fyrecon is excited to announce Project Wildfyre!

Fyrecon's Project Wildfyre Writers Challenge

Beginning November 1 2023, join us for a out writers tracking challenge. Progress and level up your career over the next year with our checklist of goals designed to stretch your skills, earn points, engage in a friendly competition, and cheer each other on.

Different challenges will need to be completed ongoingly, quarterly, or once for the year. Challenges will include:

  • Participating in NaNoWriMo
  • Entering Writers of the Future quarterly
  • Being an active participant in your writing community
  • Learning and honing your writing skills
  • Beginning to prepare to be a professional author

Perhaps even earn the Project Wildfyre pin and other gifts.

Welcome to Project Wildfyre

Spark, the Writerly Dragon

Spark, the Writerly Dragon wants you to join Project Wildfyre! While he is certain his information looks good here, he would rather see yours. Complete the registration for Project Wildfyre now.

Born in the caverns of Fyre, long before the Earth was called Earth, there was Spark the dragon of knowledge and writing. He has existed through countless ages, witnessing and recording all the dreams of humans, the songs of stars, and the birth of literary universes in his writing.

Project Wildfyre Current Version

Want to know what the challenges are about? Check out all the information below.

With over 2,000 points possible to earn the 1,500 point Project Wildfyre goal, the question is how will you choose to catch fyre?

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Want to know what the challenges are about? Check out all the information below.

With over 2,000 points possible to earn the 1,500 point Project Wildfyre goal, the question is how will you choose to catch fyre?

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Project Wilfyre Total

Non Competition Excitement

Non-Competition Progress

Project Wildfyre has numerous challenges and points to work toward, but we want to celebrate a few more numbers with you. These numbers will show on your competitors details for everyone to cheer.

Ongoing Challenges

Ongoing Subtotal

Possible Ongoing Points

Daily Writing

Item Points
Write daily 2 points daily
Daily Editing

Item Points
Edit daily 2 points daily
Publication Submissions

Item Points
Submit a Story 5 points per submission
Monthly Community Involvement

Item Points
Post Flash Fiction 4 points monthly
Writers Group Participation 8 points monthly
Event Participation Sharing 4 points monthly
Sharing Another Author's News 4 points each
Monthly Professional Development

Item Points
Story Critiqued 4 points monthly
Story Consultation 4 points monthly
NaNoWriMo Participation

Item Points
5000 Words 5
10,000 Words 5
15,000 Words 5
20,000 Words 10
30,000 Words 10
40,000 Words 10
50,000 Words 10

Quarterly Challenges

Quarterly Subtotal

Possible Quarterly Points

Community Involvement

Item Points
Get a book autographed and share on social media 5 points quarterly
Attend a writing event 20 points quarterly
Professional Development

Item Points
Read a book 5 points quarterly
Read a book for fun 5 points quarterly
Read a writing educational book 5 points quarterly
Quarterly Submissions

Item Points
Writers of the Future 35 points quarterly

Yearly Challenges

Yearly Subtotal

Possible Yearly Points

Author Graphics

Item Points
Author Photo (entered at registration) 50
Book Cover or Artwork 20
Business Card Design 20
Social Media

Item Points
Author Website 30
Facebook Profile 10
Twitter Profile 10
Instagram Profile 10
Professional Biographies

Item Points
Full Biography 20
Short Biography 20
Micro Bio (entered at registration) 20
Yearly Submissions

Item Points
Baen Fantasy Adventure Award 35
Jim Baen Memorial Short Story Award 35
Kevin J. Anderson's MA Publishing Program Anthology at Western Colorado University 35
Mike Resnick Memorial Award for Short Fiction 35

Yearly Total