Sign-up for a free, 15-minute story consultation during the Fyrelite Fall 2022 event!

During this time, the consultants, Amy White and Wendy Folsom, will ask you questions about your characters, about additional story elements, and what you want to accomplish with your story.

These questions are critical in determining the roles your characters play within your story, how focused, whole, and complete your story is, and if your story is set up to predictably connect with your target audience.

The consultation will give you some direction on the next steps for development based on the Cracking the Story Code method, in which Wendy and Amy are experts having trained over the last decade.

These short consultations are perfect for anyone who needs help with a small project, only has a few questions, or is in a pre-writing development stage. Don’t miss this chance to see first-hand how their analysis/coaching sessions can help your writing.