Part of the process of learning is celebrating accomplishments and sometimes we just want to have fun! As such, Fyrecon will be hosting various events throughout the three days. Events will be added as they are confirmed.

The 2018 schedule is under development. In the meantime, here’s what we offered last year.

[accordion-item title=”SibScript Awards Ceremony (click to view)”]
Fyrecon is pleased to welcome Sibyl’s Scriptorium, Æther Illustration Contest, DragonComet Short Story Contest, Odyssey Poetry Contest, and PhoenixMoon Graphic Novel Contest. Celebrate with SibScript as they announce the 2017 contest winners at this public event. Winners are picked from all divisions: young school age, school age, and adults. Sibyl’s Scriptorium Volume 4 will be available for sale and signing.

Be sure to check out the contest information and enter for your chance to win. The final entry date for the year is March 1, 2017.
Sibyl's Scriptorium: Create Yoru Own Universe

Thursday, June 8, 2017 at 5:30pm


[accordion-item title=”Mix and Mingle (click to view)”]
The Mix and Mingle is open to the public and allows everyone a chance to say hi. Details on the Mix and Mingle are still being confirmed. We will post updates as we receive them.

Thursday, June 8 at 7:30pm


[accordion-item title=”STEM Students Poster Presentation (click to view)”]
Fyrecon, in conjunction with Weber State University, welcomes their STEM Students to a poster presentation of their projects in World Building. These students spent the past summer in the STEM program learning about world building and coming up with versions of their own worlds. Please come celebrate their presentations, where their knowledge meets their creativity.

Friday, June 9th. Times TBA


[accordion-item title=”Kevin L. Nielson’s Book Launch (click to view)”]
Join author Kevin L. Nielson for his retro book launch and the exclusive  launch of his novelization of the movie, Mythica . Kevin has been so busy writing he hasn’t been able to do a book launch, so we’re celebrating his books of the past year, as well as his new book, Mythica, which will not be available until fall.

<i”>Friday, June 9, 2017 at 6:30pm


[accordion-item title=”Scott Tarbet’s Book Launch (click to view)”]
Fyrecon is excited to host Scott Tarbet’s book launch, Dragon Moon. Details will be posted as they are confirmed.
A new space race explodes into violence when China sets its sights on the Moon. The aim: seize the ultimate high ground. When a Chinese-American spy brings word out of Beijing, she is assigned to help an unlikely team of Navy SEALs and Russian Spetsnaz special operators to deal with this new threat. The cost of failure: worldwide Chinese empire.

Dragon Moon weaves together the stories of the special operators, the ultra-ambitious Chinese officer who has created this new lunar weapon, and a young asteroid hunter who stumbles on the truth.


June 10, 2017: Time TBA


[accordion-item title=”One Man Show: Papa Hemingway On Writing (click to view)”]
We’re excited to welcome Scott Tarbet’s One Man Show:Papa Hemingway On Writing: Ernest Hemingway. Details will be announced as they become available.

Papa Hemingway On Writing: Ernest Hemingway, the quintessential 20th century American writer, had a lot to say about his craft. Actor and award-winning author Scott Tarbet runs with the bulls of Papa Hemingway’s most penetrating advice and cutting quips.

Date and Time TBA


[accordion-item title=”Killer Elevator (click to view)”]
Ever experience that moment when you realize you’re in an elevator with the agent or editor of your dreams and now is your chance to impress them? We haven’t either, but if that moment comes will you be prepared?

Fyrecon Presents: KILLER ELEVATOR

Now is your chance to practice having to pitch in an instant with no prep time. Can you think on your feet? Will you freeze or will you be eaten by the elevator doors? Try out your skills in our low stake game where we give you an idea to present and the agents and editors to present it to. Who will make it to the last round and earn the coveted Killer Elevator prizes?