Scott Tarbet
Scott E. Tarbet

Multiple award-winning author Scott E. Tarbet writes with great gusto in several speculative fiction genres, sings opera, loves Steampunk waltzes, slow-smokes thousands of pounds of Texas-style BBQ every summer, and was married in full Elizabethan regalia. He makes his home in the mountains of Utah. Follow Scott E. Tarbet online, on Facebook, or on Twitter @SETarbet

A Midsummer Night's Steampunk

When a priceless invention is stolen half a world away, four unlikely adventurers are caught up in an international intrigue that could cost them their lives. Only Pauline Spiegel, a gifted young engineer and artificer, possesses the knowledge to maximize the weapon’s potential. With the help of the man she loves, the soldier she is supposed to marry, and her best friend, she must see its schematics to safety.

Mechanized Masterpieces 2: An American Anthology

Ride into the Wild West with ten steampunked expansions of classic American tales.

A Princess of Jasoom: An intrepid young researcher reaches for the stars from the Arizona desert, and finds love where she least expects it.

Winged Hope: The widow of a brilliant inventor fights insurmountable odds to see her husband’s dreams realized and save the life of her daughter.

Dragon Moon

A new space race explodes into violence when China quietly sets its sights on the Moon. Now, an unlikely team of US Navy SEALs, Russian Spetsnaz, and a Chinese-American agent have one chance to stop the activation of China’s powerful new weapon before all hope is lost. The cost of failure: worldwide Chinese empire.

All Made of Hinges (A Mormon Steampunk Anthology Book 1)

Cheerful in the face of dark opposition. Innovative to improve a backward world. Industrial as a cure for oppressive conditions. Unyielding beneath all who seek to bind and control them. Faithful until they conquer the fear of death and rise to great acts of heroism and service. Mormons and Steampunks are two faces of the same coin.

A Year of the Monkeys: Short Fiction by the Infinite Monkeys chapter of the League of Utah Writers

There is a theory that says if you give typewriters to one hundred monkeys, and let them type for one hundred years, they will eventually reproduce the works of Shakespeare. We decided to put that theory to the test - with a few minor modifications.

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The Writer’s Life for Beginners

4 Hour Master Workshop for $79
(includes Whole Conference general admission to Fyrecon)
Class is limited to 20 students

Class Date
October 3, 2020, 9:00 AM to 1:30 PM Mountain Time
At Fyrelite Fall 2020

“How do I get started?”

You have a story to tell. All your life you have been telling stories. Maybe you’ve even tried writing a few of them down. Now it would be nice to get them out where someone more than just your mom can enjoy them. This class is your first step, an introduction to the Writer’s Life.

The questions all new writers have that will be answered in this class:

  1. How do I develop my book?
    • How do I start building? How do I find my MICE? (Milieu, Idea, Character, Event)

      Am I a plotter or a pantser?

      How do I choose a genre? What are the pitfalls?

      What is a plot archetype? Story structure? Which do I want?
      How do I build characters and worlds worthy of my story?

  2. What are the work habits that will make me successful?
    • What will my life look like as a professional writer?
      How can I keep from driving myself nuts?
      Where is my tribe? How can I connect with people like me?
      What can I expect out of this professional journey?

  3. I have a first draft. How can I make my story shine?
    • What can I expect from an editor, and how do I find one?
      How can I work with them without wanting to kill them or myself?
      Who is my alpha reader? What about betas? What’s the difference?
      What good is a writers’ group, and how do I take advantage of one?

  4. How do I get my magnum opus in front of readers?
    • What is the difference between a trade publisher, a small pub, and self-publishing?
      How do I avoid getting ripped off?
      How do I find an agent and/or a publisher?
      What are the best ways for me to publicize and sell my story?
      What are the best ways for me to publicize and sell my story?

Come to this 4-hour class prepared to drink from a fire-hose. You will want to take copious notes, ask lots of questions, and take away lots of material for later reference.

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