Bea Jackson Illustration Artist
Bea Jackson


Brittany Jackson “Bea” is an award-winning freelance illustrator most notably known for her ability to tell a story through her art. Her work has been featured in various publications, from cover art, to interior illustration, children’s books, character design and more.

Samurai and Blacksmith

Master Class

The Art of Bringing an Illustration to Life

 Hour Master class early bird price $79
4-hour Master Class. 
(includes 3 day general admission)
Class is limited to 18 students
Friday, June 21st, 2pm-6:30pm

Whether you’re creating for yourself or for a client, this course will dive into the process of creating an illustration from a freelancer’s perspective and explore different strategies you can use to tackle projects, big and small! You will also learn how to find inspiration, generate ideas, listen actively and communicate through your artwork.

So, join Bea as she shows you The Art of Bringing an Illustration to life! Follow her process, with live painting, complete with tips and tricks, in 5 easy to follow steps, and engage in a fun activity to test your skills!

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