World Building through Art with Jeff Sturgeon
Jeff Sturgeon

Jeff Sturgeon is known for his beautiful, award winning painting on metal and canvas. His career spans over thirty years and includes artist, animator, concept artist, lead artist, game designer, and art director. His friend and award-winning artist Jeff Fennel convinced him to try painting on aluminum. Jeff left the game business behind and began painting full time with aluminum as his new canvas. Jeff’s work is nationally known with increased appearances as an exhibitor, guest speaker, panelist, Guest of Honor, and as an illustrator and cover artist.

Jeff has started a Patreon page showcasing new art, art demos tutorials, live guests from the SF field. The “Last Cities of Earth” is much anticipated shared world project which will include an anthology with top writers in the field, an art book showcasing the concept art, and award-winning city paintings. Other platforms are in negotiation to bring to life the amazing world Jeff has created. The tutorials and demos will be viewable at a later date on Jeff’s new YouTube channel.

Mars from deimos

Master Class

World Building through Art with Jeff Sturgeon

4-hour Master Class $79
(includes 3 day general admission)
Class is limited to 16 students
Saturday, June 22st, 2pm-6:30pm

While Science Fiction and Fantasy need a setting which is believable, any genre will require the artist to build a world. Whether building your own intellectual property or working as an illustrator on a project, learn how to reach the goal of being the world’s overlord. Mastering this skill creates work that can be attributed, at a glance, to a particular artist or story.

Learn to be the overlord in universe:

  1. Things to Consider
    1. Know the genre and its expectations
    2. Understand your audience age and demographic
    3. What do you limit, or not and if a shared world how to control content when many authors would be creating in your creation.
  2. Be the overlord god
    1. How does culture influence the appearance?
    2. Designing a consistent motif
    3. Choosing styles and colors to design with
  3. Know the world
    1. Mountainous or flat? Inland or by the sea? Cityscapes, skyscapes, or more? Know the terrain.
    2. What is the climate like and how does this affect characters design?
  4. Create Landmarks
    1. Creating visually distinct cities and structures
    2. Creating natural features

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