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Strategies for Success – Class 1: Pre-Sales

4 Hour Master Workshop for $79
(includes Whole Conference general admission to Fyrecon)
Class is limited to 25 students

Class Date
November 12, 2020, 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM Mountain Time
At Fyrecon 4

  • Should you write a little novel or a big series?
  • How do you turn your novel release into a major event?
  • Creating a bestseller–from designing a cover, choosing a font, to getting and selecting cover quotes.
  • How to write your bio and backcopy.
  • Selecting the right reviewers for your book.
  • Ramping up for the launch by creating your list.
  • Getting in front of the public–radios and television.
  • Choosing which bestseller lists to push for: Paper book, audiobook, e-book?
  • Book promotional tie-ins–toys, posters, short stories, and more!

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