Chad Hardin
Chad Hardin’s love affair with comics started in his early childhood growing up in Las Vegas Nevada. He studied Art at Southern Utah University where he graduated with a Bachelor’s in Illustration and later received his MFA at the Academy of Art University San Francisco. In 2005 he quit his full time job in video games to pursue drawing comics freelance.
In 2006 he began working for DC Comics on Countdown to Mystery, that work led to other assignments including, Reign in Hell, The Spirit, The Warlord, Zatanna, and Demon Knights. In 2013 Chad became the Artist on DC’s New 52 hit title Harley Quinn with Amanda Conner and Jimmy Polmiotti. Harley Quinn #1 for DC’s Rebirth event became one of the best selling comics of 2016.
Life hasn’t been the same since. Chad now is enjoying being a professor of illustration and Utah Valley University where he is busy teaching the next generation of comic artists.

Master Class

Comics 101 Workshop with Chad Hardin

4-hour Master Class
Online Price – $79
(Ends June 16, 2018)
At the door price – $89
(all prices includes general admission)
Class is limited to 25 students
Saturday June 23 9am-1:30pm

Comics 101 Workshop with Chad Hardin. Come learn the basics of creating a comics with DC Comic artist Chad Hardin. This Workshop will cover everything you need to know about the basics of creating artwork for comic books including: drawing from imagination, basic anatomy, gesture, framing panels, perspective and the finished page. Participants will get a hands on feel for what it takes to create sequential art to tell any type of story they can imagine. So sharpen your pencils, ready your brushes, grab your sketchbook and get ready to make some exciting art that is the inspiration for pop culture worldwide.

Hour one: Pencil Drawing basics- shape, form, anatomy and gesture all from imagination.

Hour two: The basics of perspective.

Hour three: Framing your panels and designing your shots.

Hour four: Drawing with Ink.

Online registration has now closed. Please join as at Fyrecon, June 21st, when At-The-Door registration begins.