Fyrecon is a premium education conference for writers and artists who want to meet experts and learn topics that they won’t find at other events. Based in the Salt Lake City metro area, Fyrecon currently thrives as an online conference, with over 100 classes across 4 days, taught by bestselling authors and artists as well as new rising stars. Fyrecon also offers 4-hour master classes taught by bestselling authors and nationally recognized artists, including dedicated quarterly Fyrelite workshops.


We will be running Fyrecon and Fyrelites through online sessions with breakout rooms for classes and workshops for both the Master Workshops that will happen during Fyrecon 7 and the over 100 hours of programming that is included in the conference. This information will be emailed out to attendees shortly before Fyrecon 7.

The sessions will be live online, and one can join any class’s breakout room as they occur each hour, except for Master Workshop which will require assignment by the staff. The schedule will be up on the website listing the rooms. A we are still working on confirming events.


Master Workshops for Fyrecon 7 and Fyrelites will be announced soon.


We are often asked if Fyrecon will be returning to in-person events. After extensive consideration, we have determined that the main Fyrecon conference will remain online. We love this format and the chance it provides to interact with creators across the globe. Our conference has been joined by people from 37 states and 8 countries.

We are also looking into doing a small, in-person event in the future, but we have not yet determined what shape this will take. We do have ideas! But they are still a nebulous blob.

Thank you everyone for joining with us for the ride as we developed in unexpected ways. Ways which have provided opportunities we could not have dreamed of before and cannot wait to see where they take us next.

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Class Types

  • Classes
    Classes should include a short, interactive exercise (not Q&A) if possible.
    1 hour with up to 2 presenters*
    Round Tables
    Round Tables are academic discussions a particular subject including the small audience.
    1 hour with up to 3 presenters*
    Workshops may include a short lecture but are mostly hands on activities.
    2-3 hours with up to 2 presenters*

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