Fyrecon 3 Vendor Application

Applications for Fyrecon 3 is now open. To apply for the Fyrecon vendor room, please complete the form below. Space is limited; to ensure a wide selection of merchandise for attendees the vendors room will be curated and not first-come first-served. Decisions on participating vendors will not be made immediately. You will be contacted by our vendors room coordinator once the decisions are complete.

The vendors room will be just off the main lobby and will also contain the art show. The hours of the room are 11am-7pm.

The table size for vendors is 6 foot.  Cost per table for Fyrecon 3 is $60. The vendor room will be locked overnight. Applications deadline for Fyrecon 3 is May 15, 2019.

If you have any questions please let us know.

Vendor Registration is now closed for Fyrecon 3. Registration for Fyrecon 4 will open later.